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The faculty and staff of Prism Education Center are guided by a set of values and explicitly teach these values through experiential learning opportunities to our students. The values that parents and children can see in operation at Prism Education Center are listed below. In addition to explicitly teaching and embedding these values in our classrooms, we provide quarterly updates on how your child is developing in these areas on progress reports. These values are exemplified in the Prism Creed learned by all of our students.


We all work together to create a learning environment and to help those that need it.


We are much greater than simply the sum of our parts. Only through a strong community culture can we develop to our fullest potential.

Integrity and Character

Integrity and character are prioritized over performance, gifting, and ability.

Order and Consistency

A calm and orderly environment produces the perfect atmosphere for learning.


Safety, security, and an optimal learning environment are created when we respect ourselves, our teachers, our peers, and our environment.


There are no superstars at Prism. Instead we want to build a collaborative system that enables every individual here to play a role in our success.

Equitable Investment

We do not expect every child to perform at the same level, but they will all receive the same level of care, concern, and investment because everyone has intrinsic value.