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Mission & Vision

The faculty and staff at Prism Education Center are committed to developing children of knowledge, insight, integrity and wisdom, who will impact every sphere of society by expressing and representing a standard of excellence. Our focus in developing principled leaders who will influence their generation.

We develop principled leaders through our sound values, solid culture, and strong community.


Why a Prism?

A prism was chosen as a symbol to portray the environment that has been created at our education center and


the effect this environment has on students that enter it. The gray line entering the prism in our logo represents children as they enter our education system. The prism is symbolic of the people, the values, and the programs provided at Prism Education Center. Just like in a prism, the light that enters this system is refracted in such a way that as it leaves, it has hue, color, and life that did not exist before.

Our goal is to create a prism for the students in our program. As they enter our system, their lives will be “refracted” in such a way that they leave our system with an elevated perspective on life and ability to positively influence the various career fields they enter.