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Values-Based Education is the balanced and holistic process of shaping a human being by prioritizing values and character definition as the foundation for the transmission and refinement of knowledge for certification.

Prism Education Center from Prism Education Center on Vimeo.

A fully functional education system is one that equips its students to become contributing members of society. To

this end, it is vital that students learn the academic skills necessary to be functional members of society, as well as develop the character and values required to contribute to their respective communities in a positive way. In an increasingly complex world fraught with challenges that are global in nature, it is vital that education systems offer more than just a diploma and high test scores.

A high-quality education system clarifies vision and equips its students with tools to achieve that vision, prepares students for life’s complexities, promotes critical thinking and innovation, and is holistic in its approach and emphases.

Such a dynamic education system cannot be achieved by simply altering curriculum. The values, character, capacity, and complexity of the leaders and instructors in each respective education system determine whether such goals can be achieved. Prism Education Center is a values-based, faith-based PK-12th-grade private school in Fayetteville committed to building principled leaders with proven results. Through sound, explicitly taught values, a solid school culture, and a strong sense of community at every level, educators not only teach students academic content, they are also a crucial partner and support system for families.

For more information about the Prism Creed and the values that are embedded in all of Prism's operational, curricular, and educational processes, visit our values page.