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Field Trip to School Choice Day at the State Capitol

There is a growing group of advocates for private school students in Arkansas at the legislative level. These individuals and groups advocate for resources and tools that would better enable families in Arkansas to find the best educational options for their families. This work is done under the broad umbrella of the term “school choice”.

An example of their work in recent years is the passage of the Succeed Scholarship Program. Through this program, students who have an IEP with the public school system are allowed to enroll in a private school of their choice and receive a scholarship to do so. Prism was involved in advocacy efforts last year to ensure that students who previously had IEPs were permitted to participate in this program, even though they were already in private school.

Because private schools are not recipients of public funds, it would be easy to overlook them when decisions are made. It’s important that as private school administrators, teachers, families, and students, we ensure that we are a visible constituency to the legislators who are making laws.It’s also important that our students realize they have a civic duty to be aware of laws that are made that impact their schools and lives. Because of this, we always try to participate in the school choice day at the State Capitol.

This year, once again, we were awarded assistance from the Reform Alliance to bring our students on tour buses to the state Capitol on School Choice Day, January 24, 2018 to be a part of the National School Choice Week celebration for Arkansas.

More details will be forthcoming!