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Parent Teacher Conferences

We are gearing up for our first round of parent-teacher conferences for both preschool and private school students. We want to summarize what preschool and private school parents can expect below.

Preschool Parents

Preschool meetings will take place between October 17 and 24. Teachers have listed their availability at these sign-up sheets. Please sign-up for a slot directly on this link. If you cannot make it during one of these times, please contact your teacher directly to set-up an alternative time.

Private School Parents

Like last year's conferences, this year's conference will be student-led for the most part, with some room for parents and teachers to have a private conversation, as well. So please bring your child to the conference. To help you know what to expect, we have given you some resources below. If you can't meet during one of these times, please reach out to your homeroom teacher and set-up a time that will work for you.

Please sign-up for PT conferences here. If you have more than one child, please sign-up for one slot per child.

If you want more information about student-led conferences, here's an old video we made to describe them the first year we held them.