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Teacher Appreciation Week

Help us celebrate our wonderful teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week. Pick a day to pitch in that fits your style, budget, and schedule. Here are our daily themes below:

Monday Card Day Either you or your student can make a card to tell your teacher why you appreciate them.
Tuesday Coffee & Rolls Day One of the parents is making cinnamon rolls for all of the teachers. Help us buy them a cup-of-joe to go with their roll. You can pitch in a couple of bucks in the donation cup at the front of each of our buildings.
Wednesday Free Lunch! Parents can chip in (again, by donating cash or check in the donation buckets at the front desk at the building) to help buy a "free lunch" for our teachers.
Thursday Sweet Treats Day Bake or buy sweet treats for your favorite teacher. We will keep the teacher workroom stocked with special snacks for the teachers all day long. Three of our teachers are gluten-free and several follow a keto-like diet. So if you have gluten-free, sugar-free inspired recipes at your house....they will be welcomed!
Friday Freestyle Friday Celebrate your teacher in any way you want!!