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Winter Banquet Details

We want to notify you of a few details about the Winter Banquet. Even if you have attended a Winter Banquet before, PLEASE, read all of the important details as some significant changes will occur this year!!

What is it?

The Winter Banquet provides an opportunity every year for Prism families to reflect on our journey, celebrate the successes of our current students, and look ahead to see where we are going. If you go to one Prism event this year, this should be it! Tickets are priced as cheaply as possible to ensure as many families can attend as possible and are used to cover the actual cost of the event.

When and where is it?

The Winter Banquet will be held on Tuesday, December 19, from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn Auditorium just off of Wedington Drive.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets will go on sale December 1-15. We only have space for 250 people this year, so once we reach that number, we will be sold out! Adult tickets are $20, student tickets are $9. The meal for student tickets is different than the meal for adults.

How should I dress?

This banquet is dressy--but not prom dress fancy. Your Sunday best will work just fine.

Should my child come?

This is a special vision-setting night that is interesting for adults, but not necessarily young children. Therefore, most families will find it more enjoyable to experience the banquet without their young children. Here are some general suggestions for different age groups:

  • Preschool-2nd grade: We strongly encourage families with children this young to connect with each other and share a babysitter that night. They will have to pay the price of a child's ticket and will likely not reap much of a benefit of the event.
  • 3rd-7th grade: Some students in this age range will perform for the event. Ms. Chloe has reached out already to all parents who have students that are performing. These students should definitely attend! We will provide a pizza dinner for performers backstage, so they will not need to purchase a ticket. For students who are not performing, parents should use their best judgment regarding whether their child will enjoy the event. All students in this age range will sit with their parents at this event (unless they are performing) and will require a child's ticket as this will cover their meal.
  • 8th-12th grade: Much of this year's Winter Banquet will be beneficial for students in this age range and this event will serve as one of the formal events for students in this age range this year. Therefore, we strongly encourage students of this age to attend the Winter Banquet. Students in this age-range will have special seating.

Will there be childcare for non-attending students?

No, this year there will not be additional childcare for students. As our student population has grown, we have not been able to find sufficient high-quality babysitters for the event. However, your teachers can connect you to other parents in your class if you would like to go in together for a babysitter the night of the event.

Where should I direct other questions about the Winter Banquet?

Shoot all other questions to either your teacher or