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When was Prism Education Center founded?

Prism Education Center opened its first campus in January 2012. Prism initially operated three separate facilities between 2012-2017. In 2017, Prism merged these three campuses into its permanent facility at 2855 Joyce Blvd in Fayetteville.

Is Prism a religious school?

Yes, Prism is a Christian school founded by The Community. The Community is a non-denominational local church that is part of the Congress-WBN's global network of churches. Our stated values are incorporated into every aspect of our curriculum. At the high school level, religious courses offered may fulfill elective requirements or Humanities requirements.

How do I enroll my child at Prism Education Center?

Detailed information about admissions can be found here.

Early Childhood Program
Enrollment for Fall 2018 will be conducted in the early spring. Some slots open throughout the year. Prism fills these vacancies by contacting families who are on our waitlist. To be placed on our waitlist, contact Rachel at (479) 249-6113.

Summer Program
Summer Enrollment will open on February 19, 2018.. Enrollment packets will be reviewed until our summer program is full. The full application packet must be completed in order to be accepted into the summer program.

Private School Program
Kindergarten to 10th-grade students can participate in the open enrollment period held every spring. Priority enrollment ends in April of each year. After this time, we will continue to enroll grades that do not have a wait list.

Due to the rigorous nature of our high school graduation requirements, we do not enroll students after the 10th grade. If you are interested in our private school, call (479) 249-6113.

Does the school provide financial assistance?

Limited financial assistance is available. Tuition assistance is based on financial need, household income, and available funds. Most of the financial assistance is provided in the form of a tuition discount. However, some full scholarship programs do exist. Families should complete a request for financial assistance with their initial enrollment packet. More information about financial assistance can be found on our financial assistance page.

Does Prism have sports teams?

Yes, for Kindergarten through 12th-grade students. More detailed information about our sports programs can be found here.

Kindergarten through 6th-grade students participate in sports through school-based teams in the Boys and Girls Club League. Seventh through twelfth-grade students participate in the Heartland Christian Schools Association for basketball, volleyball, track, and soccer.

What are the pickup and drop off times?

Private school officially starts at 8:05 AM. Children can be dropped off as early as 7:30 AM. Those who arrive after 8:05 AM are considered tardy and miss out, not only on breakfast, but also on a vital planning period. The school day ends at 3:00 PM, and students must be picked up by 3:15 PM to avoid late pick-up fees.

The after-school program starts at 3:00 PM. Students can be dropped off between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM. The after-school program officially ends at 6:00 PM.

Preschool drop-off time is more flexible and occurs between 7:00 AM and 10:30 AM. Students may not be dropped off between 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM due to lunch and nap transitions. Students who are not dropped off by 10:30 AM cannot be dropped-off until after 2:30.

Are meals served at the school?

Prism Education Center provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all students at the center. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided as part of a well-balanced nutrition program that integrates fresh fruits and vegetables at each meal. Prism uses minimally processed food and whole ingredients in every meal. Meals are eaten “family-style” within each classroom in order to facilitate healthy eating habits and preserve the social and cultural aspects of dining. Children are welcome to bring their own packed lunches to school. More information on our food program can be found here.

What curriculum do you use at Prism?

Prism uses the Core Knowledge Curriculum Sequence as the content standard for all subjects in Kindergarten to 6th grade. This sequence articulates the timing and content taught at each respective grade level. Prism pulls from numerous curricular resources to meet these standards.

At the middle and high school level, most core teachers receive AP (Advanced Placement) or Pre-AP training and follow the AP course guides. Prism uses the Art of Problem Solving Curriculum for Mathematics.

Do you provide Physical Education for the students?

Prism integrates physical activity within each day in both formal and informal opportunities. In addition to scheduled PE classes for 1st through 12th grade students, children spend a one-hour block of time outside each morning, and those in the after school program have an additional 30 minutes in the afternoon. Prism emphasizes structured activity to promote a lifestyle of health and wellness that will last the students well beyond their time at Prism Education Center. Running clubs operate before- and after- school in addition to other structured team sports activities.

Do students wear uniforms at Prism?

Building a strong culture is of primary importance at Prism Education Center. For that reason, one of the tools we use to build this culture is a uniform dress code for Kindergarten to 12th-grade students. More information about our uniform policy can be found here.

Is transportation provided to and from Prism?

Prism provides limited transportation in the morning at select sites across Fayetteville. After school transportation is provided from select public schools to Prism. For more information about transportation, visit this link.