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Early Child Program Fees

Early childhood program fees are linked below. Payments are monthly and are due on the 1st of each month. In addition to tuition payments, students are also charged a supply fee for each trimester they attend (fall, spring, summer).

Early Child Program Fees

Private School Fees

Prism Education Center's annual tuition for private school students (including the annual registration fee) is $6,700 per year. Families can select from 4 different payment plans. In addition to tuition payments, students are also charged a supply fee for each trimester they attend (fall, spring, and summer--summer enrollment is not mandatory). After school fees are not included. Private school students receive substantial discounts from after-school tuition and summer programs.

Private School Tuition Rates and Payment Plans

Summer Program Fees

Prism's summer program is optional for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The summer program is open to students enrolled in schools other than Prism Education Center. Special summer programs designed solely for Prism's high school students are organized separately and have varying fees that are communicated directly to parents and students.

Summer fees can be found in the summer camp guide.

Tuition Assistance

Prism Education Center ensures that students from all income levels have access to its world-class education program by providing extensive financial aid. Some scholarships are provided, but most assistance is provided in the form of a tuition discount. Families pay only a small portion of the tuition requirements, the remainder is subsidized by the school. The amount paid by each family member differs by household income, family size, and scholarship funds available. The table provides an expected tuition range families from different income levels can expect to pay. In addition to tuition discounts, several criterion-based scholarships are also provided to students through non-Prism donors.

Annual Household Income Size Monthly Tuition Rate
$0-$19,999 $0-$300
$20,000-$29,999 $300-600
$30,000-$43,000 $500-650
$43,000-$56,000 $600-$650

*Families with incomes greater than $56,000/year are also welcome to submit requests for additional financial assistance and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

**Rates in this table are not guaranteed. Financial assistance is dependent on a number of factors including household income, household size, number of dependents with education expenses, and total amount of scholarship funds available. Tuition determination will be made after the full application for enrollment has been submitted. Registration and acceptance are determined after a tuition contract is settled.