Small private school first day

High School

Prism's High School Program equips students with the tools they need to be successful in all of life. Free from traditional restrictions, the school was able to create a set of graduation requirements that would empower students not only to meet standard academic requirements, but also have the experiences and training to develop a strong leadership capacity.

Prism scholars are expected to gain a high level of academic proficiency. However, Prism’s primary concern is human development, and as such, academic mastery serves as only a subset of the development that we anticipate will occur at Prism. A diploma from Prism represents more than only a minimal standard of academic excellence, but also signifies that a student is prepared for adulthood. With these goals in mind, the graduation requirements for Prism Education Center have been outlined below.

There are seven primary accomplishments that must occur in order for a student to graduate from Prism’s high school. These seven tools are enveloped by an ability to communicate. Communication skills, among other things, will be measured within each of these accomplishments and will be a factor in determining whether a student has met the requirements of each section. The video below depicts the journey of a student as they move through Prism's academic program. The full graduation requirements can be found here.