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Teacher Institute

The Prism Education Center Teacher Institute (TI) is designed to provide a strong foundational platform for new teachers to develop the internal qualities and external skills required of excellent teachers. The TI emphasizes building the internal capacity of each teacher and is designed around a blended approach of group classroom assignments, independent coursework, and hands-on training in Prism Education Center’s private and preschool programs. Upon completion of all program requirements and successful passage of mandated exams, teachers will receive licensure status in Arkansas.

Program Design:

The Teacher Institute uses a blended approach that provides the participants an opportunity to not only learn in a classroom environment, but also apply what they have learned in a hands-on implementation process that is guided by a mentor teacher. There are three primary elements to the Teacher Institute:

  1. The TI Classroom:
  2. All participants will attend the TI Classroom. The TI Classroom meets intensively during the summer and weekly in an interactive classroom during the school year. The TI Classroom is made up of other TI participants from the three Prism campuses and other private schools around the state. Participants learn skills and develop the paradigms and philosophical framework for effective instruction and classroom management.

  3. Independent Coursework
  4. In addition to the TI Classroom, participants also complete independent study projects that coincide with the topics covered in the TI classroom. The independent study requirements are designed to complement the teaching assignment that each participant has been given and are individualized to fit their unique role in the organization.

  5. Two-Year Practicum as Teacher of Record
  6. TI participants will serve as the teacher-of-record in their chosen licensure area and grade level. TI members will recieve intensive coaching and mentoring throughout this two-year process to ensure they are making the changes necessary to become an excellent teacher.

A new cohort will be recruited and accepted in March 2017.

For more information about the Teacher Institute, please contact Lindsey Nichols at or call (479) 249-6113 Monday through Friday between 1 PM and 5 PM.