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Early Childhood

The Prism Education Center's Early Childhood programs serve students from 6 weeks of age to five-years. The first five years of a child’s life are a critical period for development. It is in these foundational years that all children develop a foundation for all of their other life experiences. The faculty and staff at Prism Education Center appreciate the tremendous responsibility we undertake when developing children of this age. Prism Education Center believes that an early childcare program must focus on the holistic development of children. Therefore, Prism's program focuses on the academic, physical, and social development of children in our program. Additionally, Prism's preschool programs have a bilingual emphasis and a focus on learning both English and Spanish.

Prism accomplishes these goals through intensive and continuous training of the professionals that work with our students. Furthermore, Prism incorporates best practices identified in early childhood research. Using Core Knowledge Curriculum, Prism Education Center develops an intellectually stimulating environment that builds a solid framework and content knowledge that will prepare the child for academic success.The preschool program at Prism Education Center emphasizes not only academic content, but also the development of character. Through interactive centers, students learn in an age-appropriate, “hands-on” manner. In the preschool years, our emphasis is less on mastering an academic skill set, and more on developing a love of learning and other important resources necessary for learning. Our teachers focus intensively on the emotional and physical development of children. It is our goal that all children who come through our center will have strong emotional and social skills, as well as an appreciation and love for learning.